Monday, April 13, 2009

My first blog post in almost 3 years...

Not at all sure exactly *what* to write about so I'll just start with the first thing in my head and go from there. Beware: This may get very random and odd. But bare with me as I will eventually find some direction. Promise!

The Twitter Bug

Have you been bitten? My husband listens to this awesome Podcast called TWIP - This Week In Photography which very recently launched a new site called Photofocus. Anyway, the various photographers who frequent the podcast, mainly Scott Bourne, kept mentioning this site called Twitter. My husband, the ever curious man that he is, finally checked it out. And signed up. Shocked the heck out of me! This is the man who shuns social networking. MySpace? Nope! Facebook? Heck, no! But Twitter? You betcha! Hmmmm...made me wonder. What's so great about it? I mean, I certainly was one to shun the mainstream social networking outlets as well.

In fact, I waited something like 5 years after I first heard about MySpace before I finally gave in and checked it out. I played a little, got in touch with some old friends from high school. Eventually got bored. Then about 8 months later I gave in and checked out Facebook. Facebook was cool, I got into some of the games, played on that even longer than MySpace. And then life and work got in the way. Plus, I do actually run a forum community for moms and that tends to take up a lot of my time as well.

So now, Facebook is a semi-thing-of-the-past for me and thanks to my well meaning husband, I am hooked on Twitter. I like Twitter the best, though. Far less information to share about yourself so that IF you wanted, you can have a following without ever sharing the smallest amount of personal information. You can post a website. Or not. You can post your real name. Or not. Your Bio can be as truthful as you want. Or not. It truly is up to you how much you want to share. I. Like. It. Oh, yes. I really do!

Check me out on Twitter:

And then there's my lovely husband:

You never know who else you might find on there...